megamanforpresident submitted an inquery:

Nice, Frost is probably my favourite, but what do you think of the Prime models (ember prime, frost prime etc.)

Initializing response…

We believe that the Prime models are just as beautiful in their own right. Unfortunately Frost Prime, being the very first public Prime, does not have as much body modifications and gold as the newer Primes, excluding the head.

bunnstar submitted an inquery:

Name off your top 5 favorite warframes: design wise

Initializing response….

  1. Frost
  2. Nekros *sweats*
  3. Pendragon Excalibur
  4. ….??
  5. All of them.

bunnstar submitted an inquery:

what is your favorite feature of the male body? Is it the muscles? :y

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Yes. The male’s muscle form is particularly pleasant. Well groomed manes and facial hair is a perk as well.

While we are here and Warframe is down why not ask us questions?





This is the most unproductive day of my life. 

… that second picture

Either I just have a REALLY dirty mind, or….

He totally wants Optimus’ Rodimus Prime

The bottom two images are the reaction to that pun.

Anyone else having terrible trouble getting into the Warframe Forums and starting the game itself?