Quite excited about our work thus far on the Isaac figure, we wanted to show a WIP. On the right side of the body on his coat we detailed with some white detailing markers using que-tips to smudge leaving the left side alone for comparison, it is subtle but brings out depth to the clothing.
More to come.


Wipeout HD Fury logos turned into Autobots.

Decepticon post over here.

Which side is your favorite team on?


Wipeout HD Fury Logos turned Decepticon.

Autobot post found over here.

Which side is your favorite team on?

Initializing loot table…

Acquired: Gamescom 2014

We promised close friends photographs of some of the goodies we bought at Gamescom this year. We waited until we got home to photograph the results.

  1. 2x Portal Turrets, one Forest Camo and one Leopard Print
  2. A vinyl Creeper figure with his own diamond ore block.
  3. A Minecraft torch lamp, for which we need to buy some batteries.
  4. TWO WHOLE HMM ZOIDS LIKE HOLY SHIT -….One acquired at Gamescome under a pile of hundreds of Gundams, and one was a gift from a dear Warframe Clan member which arrived while we were away.
  5. A 1/6th replica of DS3 Isaac Clarke from Kotobukiya. We have plans on some added painting to further bring out his details. Upon opening the box we found him disassembled into body parts and we thought what a cruel joke this is to the man.


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